iPhone 8 Plus repair prices

iPhone 8 Plus device repair prices

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Special offer

Touch and display module replacement

1 hr

Original price: HUF 69.990

HUF 48.000

The iPhone 8 Plus's strengthened case design better protects the touch panel, but sometimes the glass can still break or the display can go dark. The inside structure is similar to the previous generations, except the placement of the connectors. For this reason, we have to replace the entire touch and display module.

Replacing the back case

3-4 hrs

Price upon request

Strong mechanical forces can damage the backplate of the iPhone, which undermines it's water resistance. In these cases, replacing the back case becomes necessary.

Replacing the glass back

3-4 hrs

HUF 29.990

The iPhone 8 Plus has a glass back to enable wireless charging. The glass can break and may need to be replaced.

Replacing the battery

30 m

HUF 19.990

If the device discharges abnormally fast or doesn't work without plugging it in into the charger, it's necessary to replace the battery.

Replacing the dock-connector

1 hr

HUF 23.990

If the device doesn't charge properly or only charges in a certain position, it's necessary to replace the dock ribbon cable.

Repairing the power button

1 hr

HUF 18.990

If the power button doesn't work at all, or only rarely, it's ribbon cable has to be replaced.

Repairing the volume and mute buttons

1 hr

HUF 18.990

If the volume buttons on the side of the phone get damaged, they could fail to function or could create false inputs. In these cases, the ribbon cable has to be replaced.

Replacing the earpiece speaker

1 hr

HUF 13.990

If the audio quality during a call is bad and distorted, this is caused by the earpiece speaker, which needs to be replaced.

Replacing the speaker

1 hr

HUF 17.990

If sound and ringtone quality is distorted, this is caused by the speaker, which has to be replaced to solve the issue.

Replacing the sensor cable

1 hr

HUF 27.990

If the sound from the earpiece speaker is intermittent or the display doesn't turn off when we hold it near our face, then the sensor cable has to be replaced.

Replacing the back camera

1 hr

HUF 39.990

Significant mechanical forces can damage the back camera and sometimes even disable it. In this case, only replacing the camera module helps solve the problem.

Replacing the front camera

1 hr

HUF 27.990

If the touch display gets damaged, the front camera can go unoperational as well. In this case, the front camera, which is located on the sensor cable, has to be replaced.

Replacing the taptic engine

1 hr

HUF 16.990

The taptic engine has an even more significant role in the iPhone 8 Plus, because it creates the pressure feedback for the home button as well. If that disappears, the taptic engine has to be replaced.

Software repairs

1 hr

HUF 2.990

If some iOS functions don't work properly, the system slows down, discharges faster, doesn't connect to the internet - all these can be caused by software problems. Updating to the latest iOS can usually solve these (for technical reasons, going back to previous iPad software versions is not possible).

Software repairs + saving your data

1-3 hrs

HUF 4.990

Before updating to the latest iOS version, we backup your data and then we restore it to the updated device. This is only possible if your device is still functional or turns on after repairs. If the user requires it, we can save some data types to external storage.

Ultrasonic cleaning

24 hrs

HUF 5.990

Ultrasonic cleaning is required after liquid damage to avoid the corrosion of the logic board and therefore irreversible damage. We clean out the connectors and we resolder them, if necessary. Usually the battery also has to be replaced after liquid damage.

Logic board repair

2 hrs

Price after diagnosis

Interior connectors usually can only get damaged during inexperienced repairs or because of water damage.

Re-gluing the battery

30 m

HUF 2.990

If the battery in the iPhone wasn't replaced in a proper repair center, the gluing of the battery is often not done correctly and the battery is not fixed inside the device. This could cause the iPhone to randomly power off. We fix the battery in place with the original manufacturing glue.

Replacing the interior antenna cable

1 hr

HUF 9.990

The interior antenna cable usually gets torn during untrained and inexperienced repairs. We replace the broken antenna with a new one.

Replacing lost screws

30 m

Price upon request

We replace screws in the iPhone that were lost for some reason.

Replacing the SIM-tray

1 m

HUF 2.990

We replace the lost or damaged SIM slot with a brand new one, which has the same colour as the case of the iPhone.



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